Is there a Crisis in School Leadership?

Are school leaders thriving, surviving or sinking during the pandemic?

Read the first report here

If you want to download the report, right click and save, or export the PDF.

You can also download the background interview report and the survey report on our Research page.


The second phase of the research will be released in early June. A free webinar will be held on 9th June at 4.00 pm BST.

The second of our webinars on leaders’ career plans was held on 29 the November. Steve Munby. Emma Knights and Karen Giles respond to the research results.

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What do we know about the current school leadership labour market? 

We are currently finalising the report for the second phase of our Leading in Lockdown research, due for launch in early June. Our project partners, the NAHT, released figures provided by the DfE based on the School Workforce Census (SWC) this week. These show that the number of headteachers under 50 who left the profession … Continue reading “What do we know about the current school leadership labour market? “

Leading schools in impoverished communities during a pandemic

Schools  have always been concerned with making sure that all pupils can learn the important “stuff” – stuff that allows meaningful life choices. Schools are concerned to support pupils to belong to the school community. Schools have always been concerned with pupils’ physical, social and emotional well-being and with the relationships established with parents and carers. So … Continue reading “Leading schools in impoverished communities during a pandemic”