Is there a Crisis in School Leadership?

How are school leaders coping?

Are they thriving, surviving or sinking?

The Covid19 pandemic brought new demands and pressures on school leaders everywhere. This website focuses on the experiences of leaders in English schools.

Our goal is to support informed debate and discussion.

We report the results of our own research and engage with evidence from allied international research projects.

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Leading school recovery

We have begun thinking about the implications of the research we have been doing on school leaders’ work and wellbeing. One of the resources we have consulted are the literatures on leading during and after natural disasters. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fires are not directly analogous to the pandemic as they tend to be short-lived … Continue reading “Leading school recovery”

Australian school leaders’ pandemic experiences

Australians have had a very different Covid-19 experience from those of us living in the UK. Until recently, rates of infection were kept low through a combination of restricted entry and quarantine, an effective track and trace system, internal border controls and extensive periods of lockdown. Melbourne has had the longest sustained period of lockdown … Continue reading “Australian school leaders’ pandemic experiences”

Survey results: School leaders’ health and career plans

During the summer term we surveyed almost 1500 school leaders in England about their experiences of the pandemic. Earlier posts reported leaders’ experiences of the pandemic, where they have gone for advice and what has helped them to cope. This post focuses on how the pandemic has impacted on leaders’ career decision making. Which leaders … Continue reading “Survey results: School leaders’ health and career plans”